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Dynamic Guides May Change the Way You Draw

By Steve Bain

guides_intro1Once in a while, you discover a drawing feature that’s so innovative, it has the potential to completely change the way you draw. The dynamic guides in CorelDRAW will do just that. In fact, after using dynamic guides for a while, you’ll wonder how you ever did without them. In this tutorial, I’ll reveal just how great these convenient guides really are. Continue reading

CorelDRAW’s Snap and Guide Features Speed Your Design Work

By Steve Bain

Improved snapping functionality and Dynamic Guides first introduced in CorelDRAW version 12 make drawing accurate diagrams and objects a breeze. To see for yourself, follow along in this quick design project to see how simple a challenging logo design can be to create.

Here, a fictitious 3D-style, two-character logo represents the design. It involves an uppercase M and W drawn manually, shaped to fit three sides of a cube, and colored to suggest lighting. You’ll see how the new object Snap modes and Dynamic Guides make the process a walk in the park.

Continue reading