CorelDRAW’s Snap and Guide Features Speed Your Design Work

By Steve Bain

Improved snapping functionality and Dynamic Guides first introduced in CorelDRAW version 12 make drawing accurate diagrams and objects a breeze. To see for yourself, follow along in this quick design project to see how simple a challenging logo design can be to create.

Here, a fictitious 3D-style, two-character logo represents the design. It involves an uppercase M and W drawn manually, shaped to fit three sides of a cube, and colored to suggest lighting. You’ll see how the new object Snap modes and Dynamic Guides make the process a walk in the park.

  1. Draw three axis lines 120 degrees apart to emulate three dimensions using the Freehand tool; create a five-row, five column square-shaped grid using the Graph Paper tool; and create three shades of a color in dark, medium and light shades (as shown below).

  2. Position the grid to align with the point where your axis lines intersect. Activate Snap to Objects (Alt+Z) and Dynamic Guides (Alt+Shift+D), and follow the grid to create an uppercase W character using the Polyline tool on the right side. As you draw, your cursor will snap precisely to the grid nodes. When complete, copy the grid and character to the left side, flip it vertically to create an M, and use the Pick tool to skew each by 30 degrees to align with the axes, like this:

  3. With the left and right sides finished, use the Freehand tool to draw reference lines from the top-left and top-right corners to form the outer shape of the top surface. Dynamic Guides will help guide your cursor to the precise angle and distance. Use the Polyline tool to draw in the top and inner sides; delete the axes and grid lines; and apply your three different color shades, like this:

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Steve Bain is an award-winning illustrator and designer, and an author of nearly a dozen books, including CorelDRAW® The Official Guide.


One response to “CorelDRAW’s Snap and Guide Features Speed Your Design Work

  1. Excellent Lessons. Thanks a Lot.

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