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PHOTO-PAINT’s Image Lab Fixes Photos Fast

By Steve Bain

lab_introIf you’ve ever found the task of fixing digital photos a slow and frustrating exercise, this tutorial will interest you. The tools and options available in PHOTO-PAINT’s Image Adjustment Lab make it easy to correct common digital photo problems. Let’s explore how to use this relatively new resource available in version X3 or later. Continue reading


Create Classic Masterpieces in Corel PHOTO-PAINT®

By Steve Bain

Alchemy (ripple effect)Looking to add a little magic to your digital images? Corel PHOTO-PAINT® provides many different ways to apply weird and wonderful creative effects to ordinary digital photos. One bitmap filter stands out as an excellent creative tool. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to use it and reveal the tricks to navigating and selecting the numerous options. Continue reading

Assembling Panoramas in PHOTO-PAINT

By Steve Bain

pan-intro2Have you ever tried to photograph a scene that’s just too large to fit in your camera’s viewfinder no matter how many steps backward you take? Unless the wide-angle lens you’re using can work miracles, this is a common challenge that many photographers face. Why not just shoot a photo panorama? Continue reading

Faking Depth-of-Field Effects in Corel PHOTO-PAINT

By Steve Bain

depth-introBlurry or out-of-focus pictures aren’t usually very appealing in a layout. But strategically applying blur effects to an image can sometimes work to your advantage. Blurring specific areas of a picture enables you to clean up messy background clutter and focus in on the subject at hand. This technique is also great for exaggerating depth-of-field created naturally when using a wide camera lens aperture. Continue reading

Fixing Sunny Day Shadows and Color Casts with Corel PHOTO-PAINT®

By Steve Bain

Whether you’re a professional, a tourist or just a weekend photo hobbyist, there’s nothing like taking a few pictures in the great outdoors on a bright, sunny day. Sometimes, though, that sunshine can work against you. The bright light and harsh shadows may hide the person, place, or thing you specifically want to capture. Continue reading

Selectively Colorize Digital Photos

By Steve Bain

Using Corel PHOTO-PAINT®, you can create the popular illusion of black-and-white pictures that feature specific areas of color. This particular technique entails just a few simple steps and enables you to create the effect without permanently altering the original color image. The trick, of course, is to start with a full-color image.

Continue reading