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Better High-end Color Support for Interactive Blend and Contour Effects

By Steve Bain

If you work with high-end color, you’ll be pleased to know that since version X3 both CorelDRAW and Corel PHOTO-PAINT include high-end color features that can help you unleash your wildest design and illustration energy. These new tools and resources also let you accurately reproduce your ideas in your digital workflow and confidently meet the most demanding print production requirements. Continue reading


Protect Your Creative Assets with PDF Security

By Steve Bain

pdfsecurity_introToday’s free-flowing information made available by online technology presents a certain degree of intellectual property risk. Most of us wouldn’t want our personal, corporate, or copyrighted creative property from being somehow absconded by strangers. Having a strategy to protect your information and ideas is more important than ever.

Continue reading

Demystifying CorelDRAW’s PostScript Options

By Steve Bain

As anyone new to printing from a graphics application can tell you, print errors can sometimes be a scary and costly experience. Problems are often amplified if you’re faced with choosing options that you have limited experience with. If you don’t know what they are, you certainly won’t know which to choose (or which to avoid). In this tutorial, I’m going to delve specifically into the PostScript options starting with those generally available in recent versions of both CorelDRAW and Photo-PAINT in an effort to bring clarity to the murk. Continue reading

Managing Shadow Printing in Older CorelDRAW Releases

By Steve Bain

introOne of the niftiest effect tools in CorelDRAW’s toolbox has got to be the Interactive Drop Shadow Tool. It enables you to instantly apply soft, beautiful shadow effects. CorelDRAW’s drop shadow effects are bitmap-based. But if you’ve ever wondered about your shadow’s color model and resolution properties you’re not along. The answer is often critical to print workflows and largely depends on which version you are using. Continue reading

Get the Most from CorelDRAW’s Enhanced Display

By Steve Bain

oprint-introIf you’ve used CorelDRAW in the past to create documents destined for a printing press, you likely already know how to apply overprint properties to objects. Overprinting is often used to reduce the likelihood of gaps between misaligned ink colors when printing with mutiple inks and occurs whenever two or more inks are printed onto the same surface area. Overprinting ink colors can create unintended colors depending on the opacity of the ink. In this tutorial, I’ll explain more on overprinting and explore a relatively new enhanced view mode that will help you see your overprinting results before the ink hits the paper. Continue reading

Cut Down Your Color Printing Cost without Sacrificing Your Color Options

By Steve Bain

thrift-introBudget-challenged print designers and small business owners who create their own printed color brochures and marketing material are always looking for creative and resourceful ways to stay within budget without comprising their design or the reproduction quality. Fortunately, your CorelDRAW Graphics Suite includes resources that will help you do just that. In this tutorial, we’ll explore a few color techniques you can use to maximize your color options without maxing out your costs. Continue reading

Getting a Handle on Design Workflow

By Steve Bain

workflowWhen approaching virtually any Web, graphic, or layout design project, there’s a common workflow you can use that will progressively and successfully steer you from the idea or concept stage through to delivering the final product. Continue reading