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Create a 3D Gear using CorelDRAW’s Extrude Rotation Effect

By Steve Bain gear 10

For many versions now, CorelDRAW has included extrusion features that enable to apply depth to a single object and rotate it interactively. While it’s far from 3D modelling, it certainly presents some interesting creative possibilities for drawing objects that would otherwise be challenging to manufacture using manual methods. Continue reading


Create a Glass Bead

By Steve Bain

Creating virtually any kind of glass-like effect is by far a favorite of most Web graphic or interface designers. There’s nothing more satisfying than having the ability to create simulated lighting effects in a virtual, dust-free environment. Thanks to CorelDRAW’s interactive effects, many of the objects you need to achieve these effects can be created automatically. Continue reading

Master Close-Cropping with PHOTO-PAINT’s Cutout Lab

By Steve Bain

The Cutout Lab introduced in Corel PHOTO-PAINT® X3 enables you to extract or copy photo elements from any digital image with precision and relative ease. Much more than just a quick selection tool, the Cutout Lab accurately detects almost any shape and preserves the fine details of an image. It automatically applies transparent edge-feathering, and it enables you to decide whether your cutout will be an object without a background, an object on top of the original image, or a clip mask attached to the original image.

Continue reading

Managing Shadow Printing in Older CorelDRAW Releases

By Steve Bain

introOne of the niftiest effect tools in CorelDRAW’s toolbox has got to be the Interactive Drop Shadow Tool. It enables you to instantly apply soft, beautiful shadow effects. CorelDRAW’s drop shadow effects are bitmap-based. But if you’ve ever wondered about your shadow’s color model and resolution properties you’re not along. The answer is often critical to print workflows and largely depends on which version you are using. Continue reading

Faking Depth-of-Field Effects in Corel PHOTO-PAINT

By Steve Bain

depth-introBlurry or out-of-focus pictures aren’t usually very appealing in a layout. But strategically applying blur effects to an image can sometimes work to your advantage. Blurring specific areas of a picture enables you to clean up messy background clutter and focus in on the subject at hand. This technique is also great for exaggerating depth-of-field created naturally when using a wide camera lens aperture. Continue reading

How to Crop Bitmaps in CorelDRAW

By Steve Bain

bitmap-031With all the various ways you can work with digital images in CorelDRAW, you’re eventually going to need (or want) to do a little cropping. Image cropping involves temporarily hiding – or even deleting – portions of a digital image. It’s generally done to change the image proportions to fit a specific design need and/or delete unneeded pixels and reduce your file size. You can do it easily with any version of CorelDRAW and it’s a relatively straightforward operation. Continue reading

Cut Down Your Color Printing Cost without Sacrificing Your Color Options

By Steve Bain

thrift-introBudget-challenged print designers and small business owners who create their own printed color brochures and marketing material are always looking for creative and resourceful ways to stay within budget without comprising their design or the reproduction quality. Fortunately, your CorelDRAW Graphics Suite includes resources that will help you do just that. In this tutorial, we’ll explore a few color techniques you can use to maximize your color options without maxing out your costs. Continue reading