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Cool Tricks with Paragraph Text in CorelDRAW

By Steve Bain

These days, there’s no excuse for churning out plain-looking text layouts. Using recent versions of CorelDRAW, there are so many ways you can make text more interesting to read, it’s a shame not to take advantage of them. In this tutorial, we’ll explore a few tricks that you can use with paragraph text to produce more visually appealing and professional-looking text layouts. Although this tutorial depicts a previous CorelDRAW release version, these tips are valid throughout virtually all recent versions of the program. Continue reading


Create Your Own Font Designs Using CorelDRAW (Part II)

By Steve Bain

IntroCorelDRAW provides powerful resources for creating custom logotype, symbol, or character designs. Discover how easily you can turn your design into a digital font you can use in any text-capable application in this continuation of my 2-part tutorial on creating custom fonts. Continue reading

Create Your Own Custom Fonts Using CorelDRAW (Part I)

By Steve Bain   

Installed custom fontThe challenge of tackling your own font design can be daunting without the right tools. Fortunately, CorelDRAW Graphics Suite has everything you need to design your own custom logotype font or typeface design. Continue reading

Create Cool 3D Chiseled Graphics (part 2)

By Steve Bain

In part 1 of this 2-part tutorial, we learned how to create the illusion of chiseled effects in CorelDRAW using very basic shapes. Now we’ll explore how to work with more complex shapes. We’ll also reveal how to add realistic color schemes to simulate various lighting levels. Continue reading

Create Cool 3D Chiseled Graphics (part 1)

By Steve Bain

In this visit to the CorelDRAW toolbox, you’ll discover a technique you can use to create perfectly chiseled shapes. It’s an effect that will enable you to create the 3D illusion of shapes which appear either recessed into – or raised above – a flat surface. Your success will depend on your object’s shape, your skill at node editing and path commands, and of course how closely you follow these tutorial steps.
Continue reading