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Create a Glass Bead

By Steve Bain

Creating virtually any kind of glass-like effect is by far a favorite of most Web graphic or interface designers. There’s nothing more satisfying than having the ability to create simulated lighting effects in a virtual, dust-free environment. Thanks to CorelDRAW’s interactive effects, many of the objects you need to achieve these effects can be created automatically. Continue reading


Faking Depth-of-Field Effects in Corel PHOTO-PAINT

By Steve Bain

depth-introBlurry or out-of-focus pictures aren’t usually very appealing in a layout. But strategically applying blur effects to an image can sometimes work to your advantage. Blurring specific areas of a picture enables you to clean up messy background clutter and focus in on the subject at hand. This technique is also great for exaggerating depth-of-field created naturally when using a wide camera lens aperture. Continue reading

Create Cool 3D Chiseled Graphics (part 2)

By Steve Bain

In part 1 of this 2-part tutorial, we learned how to create the illusion of chiseled effects in CorelDRAW using very basic shapes. Now we’ll explore how to work with more complex shapes. We’ll also reveal how to add realistic color schemes to simulate various lighting levels. Continue reading

Create Cool 3D Chiseled Graphics (part 1)

By Steve Bain

In this visit to the CorelDRAW toolbox, you’ll discover a technique you can use to create perfectly chiseled shapes. It’s an effect that will enable you to create the 3D illusion of shapes which appear either recessed into – or raised above – a flat surface. Your success will depend on your object’s shape, your skill at node editing and path commands, and of course how closely you follow these tutorial steps.
Continue reading