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Designing Better Information Graphics

By Steve Bain 

info-introBefore desktop publishing became just another job responsibility, producing graphically appealing information was a creative endeavor involving a number of creative and academic skills. In this tutorial, we’ll explore some of the basics involved in representing data in creative ways to add interest and engage the viewer. Although the techniques can be used with virtually any graphic application, the examples I’ll use to illustrate my points were created using CorelDRAW. Continue reading


Turn Digital Images into Vector Artwork with PowerTRACE

By Steve Bain

trace_introRecent versions of CorelDRAW include powerful new onboard tracing tools you can use to quickly trace your digital images into vector artwork. In this tutorial, I’ll highlight the value of using CorelDRAW’s revamped bitmap-tracing tools and demonstrate the results of using various tracing options. Continue reading

Customize CorelDRAW to Fit Your Workflow

By Steve Bain

cust-introIf you like the convenience of having quick access to just the right tools or commands exactly when and where you want as you work, you’ll love the customization features built into the CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite. Continue reading

Getting a Handle on Design Workflow

By Steve Bain

workflowWhen approaching virtually any Web, graphic, or layout design project, there’s a common workflow you can use that will progressively and successfully steer you from the idea or concept stage through to delivering the final product. Continue reading