Steve Bain

As you probably guessed, I’m Steve Bain, creator of the illustration projects, feature descriptions, and design discussions you’ll find here.

I’m a communication consultant working in hardware and software development industry. I’m also founder of Definio Communications, Inc. whose mission is to help companies manage their authoring teams from print-based to online knowledge delivery and to leverage Web content management system solutions.

In my younger days, I worked as publications designer, technical graphic illustrator, and publishing specialist before the advent of digital technology. I was also an early adapter of digital illustration software. I later added writer to my skill set which enabled me to pursue a career as a technical communicator.

In the early part of my communication career, I explored all types of subjects related to web design, illustration, publishing, and bitmap editing applications. Most of this content was written for technology columns, feature articles, journal submissions, white papers, case studies, and instructional tutorials that have appeared in a variety of consumer magazines, newspapers, trade journals, and business documents. I have also authored books on these subjects, many of which are still available on Amazon.

The CorelDRAW Graphics Suite tutorials here are posted purely as information. Some of these are reposts that appear elsewhere. Some apply to previous versions of Corel’s graphics suite, while others have been written or updated to apply to recent versions. In either case, the principles and concepts discussed remain largely consistent for past and future versions. Feel free to add comments, suggestions, and ideas.

Although graphics illustration is still a hobby, I founded Definio Communications — a company whose mission is to help companies migrate from print-based authoring to cloud-based knowledge delivery.

Steve Bain (steve @ definio.ca)

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14 responses to “About

  1. Bernard Harrison

    Please, Steve, could we have a SIMPLE tutorial on Colour Management in Cdr. The lovely diagram is fine – but uses vocabulary that is meaningless…things like “printer dialogue” and “overrides” something or other. I get it to work – but only by trial and error, and lots of wasted paper and ink!

  2. Dear Sir Steve,

    I am a Professional Graphic Designer, I doing my job in Siza International Pharma Stoical Company. I want to do Work Online Freelance, Please Provide me a chance, I want to Prove my self.

    Best Regards,
    Bilal Younas.

  3. Dear Sir Steve,

    I am a Professional Graphic Designer, I doing my job in Siza International Pharma Stoical Company. I want to do Work Online Freelance, Please Provide me a chance, I want to Prove my self.

    Best Regards,
    Bilal Younas.

  4. Can up please help me achieve something??

    I have designed a coupon in rectangular shape and would like various on them on a A4 page before they are printed. How can I easily do this in CorelDraw X5?

    • Create your page size the exact size of your coupon and use the Imposition options in the Print dialog. Try this:
      1. Choose File > Print and click the Layout tab.
      2. Use the Printer Preferences to set the page size you are printing to.
      3. At the bottom of the dialog adjacent to the Imposition Layout option, click Edit.
      4. Use the Pages Across/Down options to add copies of your coupon document to the page in rows and columns.

  5. Hello! Is there a way to insert a hyperlink to “go back to last page” in a document? For example, to hyperlink to page 5, the URL would indicate _PAGE5. What would it be to link back to the last page (not previous page). Is that at all possible? Thank you!

  6. hii i have been using corel draw from the 2 weeks.i have to trace an image so that it could be egraved in glass etc..but whenever i finish my tracing and use auto close curve tool the image gets messed up and for the traced image to get engraved it should not change after using auto close curve tool..so how do i fix this..pls help

    • Depending on your settings and the image you are tracing, Powertrace can result in some very challenging node structures that will not easily work on an engraver. You may need to simplify or reconstruct curves. Investigate your trace closely using the Shape Tool (F10) by clicking a node on your curves and pressing the Tab key to cycle through the object structure.

  7. I’m your fan! I have your book CorelDRAW 10: Oficial.Comprei Guide in 2001. Today I am much more active with CorelDRAW. I have a YouTube channel, Fanpage and Minister CorelDRAW courses. I learned a lot from you. Success!

    http://www.dicasdogreb.com.br / http://www.youtube.com/dicasdogreb / http://www.facebook.com/dicasdogreb

  8. Do you know how to create a Reveal Path in Corel Draw like you can in Illustrator? In Illustrator, you can import that file into After Effects and create a “whiteboard video” effect by “revealing” the image along the path you created in Illustrator. I have Corel and not illustrator, so I am looking to see if that is possible in Corel but can’t find that info anywhere.

  9. Thank you for a very informative tutorial.I have a problem after saving the 10 characters for a number font.When I look at the font in the font viewer, the number 7 is repeated many times and the other numbers aren’t there.I have read and re-read your article and can not figure out what is wrong.Any guidance is much appreciated.

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